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Our Story

Comfort, Community, Charity

Growing up, these were the three words that were instilled in us by our families. We were always told to put others before ourselves in every aspect of our lives. This has inspired us to give back, make an impact on the world, and spread good vibes. Our positive lifestyle is represented in everything that we do and everything that we are.

Our mission is not that of your typical clothing company. Through Twin Tides we look to pass on the same sense of responsibility that we have been taught throughout our lives. We have accomplished this by giving back to our community through various events, such as food drives, holiday toy drives, and more. We believe in this mission wholeheartedly, and hope that our customers feel the same way. There are many issues to combat in this world... Help be a part of the solution.

Our community keeps us grounded, our charity keeps us evolving, and, above all else, our comfort will keep you coming back for more.

~ It's time to Get with the Tides ~


Our Story